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Catering Styles & Delivery Options

Catering Styles & Delivery Options

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Need a quick guide to our catering styles?

The style of service typically will influence the type and variety of foods we can offer. For example, foods passed by servers using trays should be easy-to-eat finger foods that hold up well and don’t require utensils. this rules out sauced items that may drip or cause issues for a person’s clothing.

Below are just a sampling of styles we can provide your guests:

Family Style

This catering style is very reminiscent of a sit-down dinner and is the most popular when it comes to catering. Food is brought on large platters to the table each course, where guests are able to portion themselves to their delight. It’s popular for its blending of an informal style, with the formalities of a waiting staff.

Formal Seated Dinner or “Plated”

Similar to the Family Style, this type of meal would also be brought to seated guests. However, instead of large platters being self-serve, a plated catering style has each dish presented and portioned to one guest on their plate. It is brought directly to that guest at the table. Tables are usually round, lined with linen and each course can be served on china. The waiting staff will be best served to make sure each course is delivered on time while it’s still hot, and also clean after by preparing for the next.

Controlled Buffet

Controlled Buffets have each food item set up in a buffet style; each will have a waiting attendant behind it to deliver to the food to the guest’s plate. Choose a Controlled Buffet as to maintain each food item as everyone is served so no guest is left without a taste of what they would like. This includes portioning of the food, cutting well-cooked meat, and many other options.

Self-Serve Buffet

This popular catering style is exactly as it sounds! Let our staff set up each food item in a linear order down a long table. Our staff can also maintain each item, refilling the warming containers and relighting each flame, as well as clean-up. Each guest at the time of the meal would line up and go through each course, selecting what they wish in whatever quantity they chose.

Stations & Action Stations

A Taste of the World recommends station styled catering as it is best suited for many different food and meal options. Have your guests travel to each different station, each surrounding its own themed. Truly have “a taste of the world” with our world-wide cuisine station, tasting different cuisines from different countries. Actions Stations can really make your event pop, including a fondue fountain or carving station and more optioned to choose from.


Our staff will deliver all the necessary items to your event. Food will be in safely contained boxes or warming trays, maintained at the correct healthy temperature per health standards. We will set up the tables with each cloth, the china as well as the cutlery. Leave one last stress off your mind with our clever, creative and guest-orientated waiting staff, ready to make your event one to remember.