Kosher Catering Certified by Dallas Kosher

Kosher Catering Certified by Dallas Kosher

Kosher Catering Certified

By Dallas Kosher

A Taste of the World is certified by Dallas Kosher’s high standards of keeping the rules of Kosher properly and effectively. We work closely with their expertise to maintain kashrut in our kitchens, produce and all of our events.

Dallas Kosher

With more than 50 years’ in practice, Dallas Kosher is one of the oldest kosher certification agencies in Texas. As a nonprofit, they provide kosher supervision and certification in many different areas of food preparation and services, including companies, consumers, and caterers. Their well known DK symbol is recognized throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area and throughout Texas.

The organization serves the community not only through certification and supervision but also through identifying restaurants, caterers, bakeries, supermarkets, and others in the DFW area to help the Jewish community find proper places to eat and shop.

Why Eat Kosher?

In many different studies, kosher food is healthier for the body. By draining the blood, it stops the issue of the bacteria growing in it that is bad for the human body. Kosher also forbids eating animals that have had health issues themselves. If you eat a sick animal, you will get sick yourself. Dairy and meat have a different digestion rate and when combined in the stomach can be hard on the stomach, which is why they are kept apart. Shellfish (which also isn’t kosher) have been shown to spread typhoid.

Beyond promoting a healthy diet, eating kosher also follows Jewish tradition– following what Hashem said to Moses on Mt. Sinai as the Jewish people were brought out of Egypt and given the Torah. It’s a tradition of laws that are millennia old. Also, keeping kosher is one of Hashem’s many mitzvahs.

For more information on Kosher, please have a look at our Kosher information page here.

Kosher Around the World

Kosher foods are eaten everywhere on the planet, on every continent. Every cuisine is able to fit the kosher diet which is why at A Taste of the World we want to bring you exactly that– different cuisines that excite the senses but also follow the disciplines of the diet.