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The Best Meal to Provide at Your Event


When planning an event, you can find yourself trying to maintain a delicate balance between providing your attendees with an awesome experience and maintaining a budget. This in particular becomes tricky when are start to discuss food and beverage plans. Should we provide all meals? If we only provide some corporate catering meals, which ones?


Everyone should the start the day with a solid meal. If you want to set your guests up for a day of learning and/or working, this is a good idea. It’s also a good idea because breakfast options don’t always break the bank.


Lunch is often the perfect middle ground in the budget debate. You can provide guests with a decent meal that is still less expensive than pricier dinner options. Sometimes you can do a nice hot, plated sit down meal for just a few dollars more than a sandwich box or platter. A lunch break can often be very necessary at a day long event.


This will likely be the most expensive meal option to provide to your attendees, but it can actually be the best bang for your buck. Attendees will be very impressed if provided dinner. It can also sometimes persuade guests to attend your event and/or stay through the full event.

We can help you walk through the pros and cons of your choices for your event. We have experience working within budgets for all of your corporate catering needs. Your goal is our goal.