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Tips on Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. It may also be one of the most chaotic and stressful times of your life. Our last blog featured tips to help you plan your wedding, but it didn’t get into any specifics. Hiring a wedding caterer should be at the top of everyone’s list when planning a wedding. Serving great food will get your guests excited to attend your wedding. The caterer will help establish the mood of the evening, so you need to choose a caterer that understands the role they play in creating your special event. These tips should help you select the right caterer for your wedding.

Create a Budget

Before you interview a caterer, you should have a food budget. There are countless numbers of caterers available. Having a food budget will help you limit the number of caterers that come up in your search. By reducing the number of caterers to ones work with your budget, you can focus on the important things like the menu. Don’t forget to include tables, linens, and other necessary items in your budget. In most situations, your caterer may allow you to rent these items from them.

Get Recommendations

Sometimes the best place to start when choosing the right business for wedding catering is through your own past experiences. If you went to a friend’s wedding and loved the food, ask the person who catered their wedding. Chances are you won’t be able to schedule a tasting for every caterer you are considering, especially since there are a lot of caterers in the Dallas area. It’s a good idea to get recommendations for family and friends. The internet is another great source of recommendations. You should narrow down your list of potential caterers to 3-5 different ones before scheduling tastings.

Don’t Forget About the Staff

Most wedding receptions will have a photographer, and a DJ or band. Don’t forget them when planning your catering budget and meal. Some contracts for these services have a provision that states that staff is to get meals. It makes sense considering the effort they are putting into making sure your wedding is perfect. Speak with your caterer and ask if they offer vendor meals. Sometimes these meals cost less than a guest’s plate.

If we were to suggest a caterer, who would we recommend? A Taste of the World Catering! Our menu has a great selection of meal options that are perfect for your magical event. Please feel free to contact us for your wedding catering need